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Lindsay Christensen

Lindsay Christensen


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Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled
Item#: 352009

Dry Superior Mop Pad Lg, Recycled - Graphite/Yellow


The Dry Superior Mop Pad is constructed of statically charged Norwex® Microfiber to pick up the smallest particles of dirt, dust, crumbs and more. 

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Large: 52 cm x 15 cm / 20.47" x 5.91"
  • Problem & Solution

    Sweeping before mopping is usually a good idea. But brooms are inefficient and can stir up dust, vacuums are expensive and can be awkward, and disposable pads are both expensive and unsustainable.

    The Norwex Dry Superior Mop Pad attracts and lifts tiny particles of dirt from your floors, walls and ceilings and won’t let go. Dust and debris are trapped in the Norwex Microfiber pad so they can’t pollute the air or land back on the floor. Best of all, it can be used over and over again to get your entire floor clean, quickly, safely and sustainably. 


  • Use & Care
    • Use with Norwex Mop Base and Telescopic Mop Handle.
    • Press the Mop Base onto the mop pad, securing it firmly.
    • Start dry mopping at the furthest point in the room, moving the mop in a figure-8 pattern toward the exit or doorway. Keep the leading edge of the mop forward at all times to ensure all the collected dust remains on the same edge of the mop.
    • After using, brush pad clean using the Rubber Brush.
    • When using on easily scratched surfaces such as brushed stainless steel, first test Norwex Microfiber on an inconspicuous spot. Not for use on anti-glare surfaces.
    • Wash dirty mop pads with a Norwex laundry detergent and avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. For complete instructions, go to your Consultant Office > Resources > Product Information > Product Instructions > Microfiber Care.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Made from 82% recycled microfiber yarn.
    • Statically charged microfiber holds tightly to dust and dirt.
    • Super gentle on hard-wood flooring.
    • Chemical-free and earth-friendly.
    • Heavy-duty Velcro® firmly secures it to the Norwex Mop Base.
    • Great for most surfaces.
    • Use again and again before laundering.
    • Easy to store with handy loop for hanging.
    • Two sizes offer convenient options for houses, apartments, dorm rooms, even travel trailers.
    • Small size works with our Hand-Held Cleaning System for all kinds of smaller cleaning jobs throughout the house.
    • Both large and small are available in on-trend graphite color with yellow trim and Velcro to remind you it’s to be used dry. Large size also available in champagne.
  • Did You Know?
    • Dry mopping your floors before using the Wet Mop Pad removes any loose particles, which helps preserve hardwoods and tile and reduces wear and tear on waxed surfaces.